What is your Style?

You know I am often visiting clients home’s and they feel so overwhelmed with all  their ‘stuff ‘ they have accumulated over the years. ‘Here is a little guide on why people buy the things they do to create their home environment- Personal Choice and Personality dictate these choices. I have listed a variety of combinations and I am sure you are going to say “yes this is me”. I have broken it down into categories to help you identify your style and give you some guidelines  on how to make your room work. If all else fails just give me a call or drop me an email, I would be more than happy to help.

A guide to identifying the categories within your home. These are styles that I deal with in everyday clients home’s:

Indoor Plants- Outdoor planters

Small things- Big things

Beautiful things- Unique things

On Trend things- Ancient things

Things You Love- Retro things

Sentimental things- Antique things

Just because things- Modern things

Tactile things- Futuristic things

Fragile things- Practical things

Handmade things- Useless things

Painted thins- Creative things

Styling your own home- Work out what style you are?

I will give you the tip that often we are not just one style and that’s ok. That’s why when people say to me ‘What style is your home”? Guess what my answer is? ” I am an ‘Eclectic Chick”I love everything and I just make it work. Which pretty much sums up the showroom at Higheight Home & Living, a little bit of everything.

Here are some categories to help identify what style or styles you are:



Shabby Chic- French Provincial






Break your home down into sections:

Ok so now I tell my clients to concentrate and work on one room at a time, break it down into sections. It is less overwhelming then.

Kitchen/Dining Room

Family/Living Room




Look at images of the style you like and re-create your layout using existing pieces and incorporating either large pieces with smaller items to tie the theme together. You can find inspiration from resources like Magazines, Books,  Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram & Facebook. Stand back and look at where you have worked and styled,  see if it appeals to your eye and personal choice. If it feels right fantastic but don’t despair if it doesn’t do it for you the first time. Walk away and re-visit a little later.

Styling Tip:

In an open plan area you can still treat each area separately but have a link in between the two. Whether it be with a floor rug or by using accessories with a pop of colour, lighting, artwork or wall colour to tie them together.

Trust me it will all come together just don’t over think it. Get creative and have fun styling!!! Images courtesy of Houzz