Recycle Project- Barn Door

This client had always loved old sheds and the “barn doors” they would often have.

So with their recent kitchen renovation they found the opportunity to incorporate one themselves…the transformation amazing!!!

Not to mention how I love a DIY project!!! Enjoy the read as I share with you on how this barn door was created.

The existing doorway into the internal passage was widened and a reinforced beam was inserted to carry the running track and weight of the door.

A re purposed old door which had been removed from a school building during

renovations was used. The glass panel was removed and it was replaced with recycled tongue and groove timber.

A second cut out section was made at the bottom of the door to give that all over panelled look. The same recycled tongue and groove timber was used.

The entire door was then painted using full gloss Dulux Antique USA half strength. The tracking system was purchased at Faggs Mitre 10 and the door furniture was purchased from Schots Home Emporium.

The end product I absolutely love and you would have to agree that it works perfectly with this newly renovated kitchen. The style reflecting  elements relating to that of a ‘Country  Farmhouse’ kitchen.