Lisa Sarcevic Interior Stylist introduces you to her favourite on-trend styles for your home.

On Trend – Introducing Traditional Classic into Your home

  You’ll discover that timeless classics can be introduced into your space with a little contemporary spin…personally I love this kind of look. We are noticing that our styling jobs in and around the Geelong area are appreciating and requesting this kind of addition to their home décor. Taking inspiration from the past isn’t anything […]

Texture- Ways Of Introducing it into Your Home

WAYS OF INTRODUCING TEXTURE INTO YOUR HOME This subtle and understated element can bring warmth, depth and interest to your home. Texture provides both sight and touch and can make you imagine what something feels like without touching it. For example a chunky, woven throw draped over a sofa or bed, you are able to […]

What is Fusion Mineral Paint?

WHAT IS FUSION MINERAL PAINT? FUSION mineral paint is unique on the marketplace and unlike any other paint out there. With the trend of DIY furniture and up cycling, it was formulated to withstand wear and tear of furniture and kitchen cabinets with minimum fuss. FUSION Mineral paint’s main advantages are: * a built in Top […]

Mood Boards

WHAT IS A MOOD BOARD? It’s an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text to evoke or project a particular style or concept. It is a way to collect information in order to prepare for a new project, whether it is a new home, a renovation or just a room revamp. Mood boards are also […]

The Revived Mimco Handbag

Recently a customer saw one of our posts about painting fabric with Fusion Mineral Paint. This got her curious as she had a Mimco handbag that was a combination of leather and canvas. The tan leather was still in perfect condition but the canvas fabric had really faded. Upon visiting our store one day to enquire about what […]

Styling with Plants in Your Home

  This season finds indoor plants still very on trend to introduce to your home décor and styling environment. With Pantones colour of the year being ‘Greenery’ how appropriate to add foliage as your greenery influence. There are many ways you can introduce foliage into different areas of your home. Here are some examples to […]

Creating Vignettes in Your Home

What is a Vignette you say?… a French word meaning “little vine”… Vignettes are short, impressionistic scenes that focus on one moment or give a particular insight into a character, idea or setting. So for quick, easy and economical décor updates around your home, create little ‘vignettes’ in each room, this is done by grouping a collection of […]

Colour Trend For This Season

As we approach the  launch of a new season this week. I thought I would share with you the colour trend for 2017. As we approach the cooler months I find people start paying particular attention to their home decor. So here is a little insight to get you thinking about your space and what […]

Kitchen Renovation- Industrial/Country Style

I know there have been a few of you waiting for the finished product of my recently renovated kitchen. Sorry it’s been so long in between drinks but like a typical ‘tradie’ that is too busy working on everyone else’s homes except their own…I must confess I am guilty! So here it is a run down on the […]

Recycle Project- Barn Door

This client had always loved old sheds and the “barn doors” they would often have. So with their recent kitchen renovation they found the opportunity to incorporate one themselves…the transformation amazing!!! Not to mention how I love a DIY project!!! Enjoy the read as I share with you on how this barn door was created. […]


You know I am often visiting clients home’s and they feel so overwhelmed with all  their ‘stuff ‘ they have accumulated over the years. ‘Here is a little guide on why people buy the things they do to create their home environment- Personal Choice and Personality dictate these choices. I have listed a variety of combinations and I am […]


  Everybody has that orange piece of furniture that they can’t part with right? Let’s face it we paid big dollars for those big solid Baltic Pine pieces back in the day and this beauty was no exception. So over my holiday break I retrieved this tallboy from the shipping container. I needed a big […]

How To Apply The First Coat of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint

How To Mix Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint


MMSMP Colours


What Is Milk Paint?

We are now stockists of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. As some of you are aware we have recently become stockists of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. What prompted this you say? Well I was finding that when out and about in Geelong and Inverleigh styling clients homes I was regularly coming across that piece of furniture that […]


Who has seen the film ‘The Dressmaker’? Starring well known actresses Kate Winslet, Judy Davis and actors Liam Hemsworth and Hugo Weaving… just to name a few. Set in the 1950’s, this Australian comedy-drama was filmed at the back of the ‘You Yangs’ (our neighbour) and was released as a movie in 2015. A general public response of the film when asked is…”thoroughly […]


Well it’s back to school for the little cherubs…YAY!!! I can hear some mums saying. Whilst I enjoy the school holidays, not getting up so early in the mornings, making lunches, ironing white school shirts, doing the checklist that the boys have everything they need for the day before they catch the bus.  I must […]


Welcome to 2016 ! We wish to welcome the year with the announcement of our free online Interior Styling Advisory Service.  “Ask Lisa” has been introduced to the site to help our customers with their interior styling dilemmas. A great way to become interactive with our customers and perhaps give you the answer to a question that you may […]


BEATING THE WINTER BLUES We’re in the last month of winter and it feels as though we’ll never see sunlight and feel warmth again. We’re wearing layers of clothes, under doonas and throws inside, feeling chills to the bones, wet or blown away when outside. It’s the time of year though, we need to take care of ourselves and […]