high eight Candles- Assorted Fragrances Mason Jar


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All Higheight Scents fragrances are blended using steam distilled phalalate free fragrances oils. All candles are scent loaded to maximum % ratios so that you get the full fragrance right to your very last burn.

Clean Burning/ Long Burning
Soy Wax is non-toxic and burns cleaner than paraffin, with no petrol-carbon soot. Our soy candles burn slower and cooler than paraffin wax, creating a longer burning candle. Approximately 80 hours burn time.

Renewable Resource/ Biodegradable
Soybeans are a renewable source, unlike paraffin, which consists of petroleum. Since soybeans are vegetables, soy wax ( basically made from hydrogenated soybean oil ) is naturally biodegradable. Soy wax is also easier to remove from materials and other surfaces than paraffin.

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